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    Gliders in the sky 3D live wallpaper-screenshot_2013-09-02-14-36-16.pngGliders in the sky 3D live wallpaper-screenshot_2013-08-16-12-20-28.pngGliders in the sky 3D live wallpaper-screenshot_2013-09-02-14-34-45.png
    Somewhere high above the clouds the sun always shinesThe sky is always blueNo need to hurryThere is only this flightThis sense of smoothness, lightness and absolute freedom high up in the skyThis is where you find inspiration and harmonyThere are no boundaries for those, who have found their wingsOnly belief in oneself and the flow of airIf you are in control of your inspiration, you are in control of your dream and you can do it allEveryone needs a dream, their own little airplane that can overcome gravity and take you far away from the Earth with all its problems and stress. It doesnt matter whether this airplane is red or silver, whether it has got an engine or its a glider the only thing that matters is that it has got a cockpit and two wings. Now each time you use your smartphone or tablet, these live wallpapers will remind you that you have a dream that has its own wings.
    Technical characteristics:
    Live wallpaper Gliders in the sky 3D are developed for most of the smartphones and tablets supported by Android system, version 2.2 or above. Extended settings menu allows you to choose:
    Type of glider
    Speed of glider
    Type of clouds
    Camera angle
    Special feature that dynamically changes camera position by using a gyroscope
    09-01-2013 05:03 PM
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    Thank you for posting this.
    09-01-2013 06:49 PM

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