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    WorkAudioBook is an audiobook player / podcast player designed specifically FOR LANGUAGE LEARNERS. What it does:

    -- Automatically splits audiobook into phrases;
    -- Allows you to listen to the audiobook phrase by phrase, repeat them, rewind to previous or fastforward to next phrase;
    -- Shows audio as a waveform and allows you to select and listen to any fragment and even an individual word;
    -- Supports subtitles and integration with dictionary apps;
    -- Remembers where you stopped and list of recent files.

    All these features work with any MP3 file that you have in the memory of your device.
    App works with files in any foreign language.
    User interface is optimized for both phones and tablets.
    No ads. Learn a language with pleasure!

    P.S: That app is only 4 months old. Soon I am going to add: secondary subtitles support, notes, list of words to repeat, autopauses, listening of all files in folder and more useful features. Write your opinion and suggestions in comments and to my e-mail your responses are valuable for me!


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    09-02-2013 10:44 AM

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