1. pstinger's Avatar
    Okay. I love the NFL, and I was going to use ScoreMobile to follow scores and injuries and the like this season.

    I have a question, though.... looking at, for example, tonight's game between Atlanta and Miami, it says:

    Atlanta T:38.5
    Miami -1.5

    Those numbers, I'm assuming, have something to do with odds, right? But what do they mean?
    08-27-2010 01:21 PM
  2. telkins's Avatar
    Yes, those numbers are for betting purposes.
    The -1.5 next to Miami means that they are 1.5 point underdogs.
    I believe the 38.5 is an over/under number. You can bet whether the total points scored will be above or below this number.
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    08-27-2010 02:01 PM
  3. bgpasha's Avatar
    before the game starts all you see is the betting odds on that game, but when the game starts youll be able to see the score. if im not mistaken you can go to options and set how often you want the score to update 2-5-10min.Pretty cool app, ive been using it since BB days. Oh yea, ScoreMobile has IMO one of the best looking widgets.
    08-27-2010 02:09 PM
  4. pstinger's Avatar
    I used it on BB, as well pnl; I just never looked at it much when a game wasn't on, lol.

    Thanks telkins! I figured it was something to do with betting.
    08-27-2010 02:11 PM