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    Photomule is a background app that runs on your Android 1.5+ phone; when you take a picture, it automagically uploads it to your configured Flickr account.

    It works with standard Flickr accounts, but given the size of the images phones take, it won't take you long to hit the limits of the free account; I suggest Flickr Pro. If you're familiar with eye-fi, this is similar.

    On first run, it asks if you want to upload everything on your phone. Choose wisely if you're on a limited data plan.

    If you enable location in your pictures and have a Flickr Pro account, the pictures you take will show up on your map (if your gps is warmed up, etc).

    The official support forum is over here, which includes links to the APK.

    The current build is timebombed for 07-SEP-2010.

    It goes on sale in a few weeks (provided no major issues arise). People that submit substantiative feedback will be rewarded with a free copy.

    If you find a bug, let me know. Features for V2, likewise.

    You can leave feedback &c here and I (as one of the two people involved) will be sure your input is tracked.

    direct link to the APK for the impatient
    08-27-2010 12:36 PM