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    Ever wondered what something might be? No more stress, with curiofy you just need to capture a photo and post it. The community of curious people like you will tell you what it is. Isn't it simple?

    Curiofy is designed on a whole new concept, think about when you see something strange on road to home or you don't know what that strange looking part under the bonnet of your car? don't bother on searching on google typing and losing your time, just take a picture using your android phone and publish it on to curiofy you're only 2 taps away from discovering new things (One for capturing the picture and one for submit it )

    Want to know the definition of something? or do you want to know how to do something? like cooking rice. Just ask CAI, A feature designed to simulate the human search and find capability. It will search the internet for you and give the result removing the neccesity to browse the whole internet to find what you wants to know.

    Just give it a try:

    - Easily upload pictures previously taken or on the spot pictures
    - Get quick answers
    - Allows you to see what others donít know
    - You can answer pictures you might know too
    - CAI the curiofy artificial intelligent search engine

    Curiofy - for curious people-cfy4.jpg Curiofy - for curious people-cfy2.jpg
    Curiofy - for curious people-cfy1.jpg Curiofy - for curious people-cfy3.jpg
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    09-24-2013 01:43 AM
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    09-25-2013 02:45 AM

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