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    Guys i have noticed one thing.i have a netmeter installed on my windows 7 and i monitor my speed constantly while browsing and downlaodong stuff.however when i use spalshtop for streaming video,it is good but not good enough.i am not using through router but through connectify hotspot.so with my hotspot i am able to establish connection with splashtop streamer.another thing ive got to tell you is,using my same hotspot connection i also use es file explorer to exchange files between my PC and android device.i can also stream a video that is on my computer to my android device thru es file explorer.however one thing that iI've noticed is when i copy files or stream videos using es file explorer it seems to utilise thethe maximum speed of my wifi.i see constant 3 megabytes per second upload speed on my PC thru netmeter.and it is not bits, the speed is in bytes.
    So the above upload speed indicates that my PC is transferring data to Android aand that's how i am able to stream video.even during copy paste tasks with es or any other file manager through wifi,i constantly get 3-4 mbps speed.one thing that i have noticed in splashtop is that though the video is smooth,it is stilll not smooth enough,and even when i watch videos it is not that smooth but still watchable.it becomes aa little more smooth if i select "use device native display".even in this mode also it is still not that ssmooth but smooth as my PC.now the main thing i have noticed is that when i am streaming from splashtop,it doesent utilise the maximum speed of my wifi connection.when i am streaming video, i see just 400-500 kbps upload speed on netmeter in my PC.i tried several times,no use.i tried it even with my high bandwidth wireless router,still the same.there is no settings or any issue with my PC as i am an advanced user and i keep everything going well.i have this on another PC with netmeter installed and its still the same.it doesent reach mbps speed while streaming or while controlling ur PC.it always stays maximum in 400kbps sspeed.what i am trying to tell here is that'if this application cooild utilise the complete speed of my wifi connection then i am sure that i will have buttery smoooth video.this could also be the developer 'who may have capped the application to use a certain amount of speed maximum and not to go beyond that.anyway i dont know the exact thing behind it, but in the end it does not utilise the full l speed of my wifi.one more point is that splash top also reduced the performance of my PC a bit.it becomes a bit sluggish in between.i get a notification in the windows taskbar ,"windows has detected that performance is slow ",something like that.my PC does not have any background services hogging up CPU.besides that my laptop is also high spec.here are the specs.asus g73jh ,8gb ddr3 ram,1gb graphics ati 5870 gddr5, core i7 720qm 1.6ghz,windows 7 home premium x64, 17 inch FHD, 1tb hdd
    The main thing is my PC slows down only when splashtop streamer is running.many users have reported the same problem but has got just vague answers from splashtop developers like,"have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app","did u try rebooting ur device ".they never fix the problem and give all stupid answers.

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    09-06-2013 06:52 AM

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