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    Meetinger is a meeting organizer for maximizing experience in creating and organizing meetings.

    Designed for users from all categories to create and efficiently attend meetings at professional level from their mobile devices, to take written, drawn or audio notes during the meeting and to send valuable reports after the meeting has finished.

    The application has additional customizing options for even better effectiveness.

    Soon will be available the Cloud system with the ability to synchronize multiple devices and preview meetings on the web.

    Meetinger - v1.0.1 (Meeting Organizer)-meetinger_baner.png

    Download payed version:

    Download free version:

    ***eWorld Community would like to thank everyone who purchase this meeting organizer because a significant amount of funds is being transferred from every purchase to societies in emerging countries around the world thru the Program for improving the ICT in these countries. eWorld Community is proud sponsor of this Program and will keep supporting it in the future***
    09-06-2013 09:23 AM

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