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    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-market-logo2.png

    BallWorlds on Google Play
    Ball Worlds is an entertaining logical game which is based on real physics.
    In the course of it, the players will have to assemble various shapes out of the balls.
    On some levels you can to assemble the shape without any hurry. On other levels you have to hurry to assemble the shape before the bombs explode.
    Bear in mind that every second counts!
    Assemble shape under Earth gravity, underwater as well as in zero gravity.

    ● A completely new and innovative game mechanics which are based on real life physics
    ● Simple controls easy to master by adults as well as children
    ● 6 worlds and new coming soon
    ● 90 levels and new coming soon
    ● Each game world has a unique design, music as well as physical model which will affect the balls behavior.
    ● Nice colorful graphics
    ● Relaxing sounds and background music
    ● Free updates with new levels!

    1. Place your finger on the ball and drag it.
    2. Assemble the shape which is indicated in the edge of the screen using the balls.
    3. Beware of bomb-ball as well as bomb block: when exploding they destroy the block which is near by which is necessary for completing the level

    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-1.png
    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-2.png
    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-3.png
    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-4.png
    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-5.png
    [Game] Ball Worlds - logic, balls, physics-6.png

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    The application is suitable for any audience.

    BallWorlds on Google Play
    09-08-2013 08:00 AM

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