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    Application for creating lists.

    The most simple and easy to use application that allows you to quickly and easily create any listings.

    Going on a tour, create a list of needed items.
    Going to the shop, create a shopping list.
    Activities are planning to create a work list.

    You can:
    - Create lists
    - Create entries in the list,
    - Edit existing entries,
    - Mark the record
    - Strike out record
    - To set the price for the records
    - Calculate the sum of the list,
    - Set currency.

    Happy pastime.
    Wish List-device-2013-06-26-212802.png Wish List-device-2013-06-26-212812.png Wish List-device-2013-06-26-212821.png Wish List-device-2013-06-26-212835.png
    09-10-2013 03:13 PM

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