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    We just released a new game that created a completely new spin on sudoku. Instead of playing sudoku being a static experience, this baby is much more dynamic and it tests
    not only your logic and memory, but also your motor skills as well. Those who play sudoku will be able to appreciate the beauty of this new experience.

    Please download it today (Free to play for hours) and give us your good ratings and reviews, since those are so important for the visibility of the app at the early
    stages of it's life. Just be careful, this can be very addictive which I can testify to based on observing those close to me once they got their hands on it.

    "We agree that the game is like ‘Sudoku meets Rubik’s Cube,’ and is a complete evolution from Sudoku. You've managed to create a new, fun, and innovative game that does
    an excellent job testing players’ brain skills."

    the rest of the info in this news release:


    Spheroku released in Google Play -- "sudoku Meets Rubik's cube"-sudoku-android512x1024.jpg
    09-12-2013 10:33 AM

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