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    I've been using DoubleTwist player for a few months now and I quite like it. I decided today to try the 10 day trial of Player Pro though, and I'm actually liking it better. I like the lock screen widget better, and it has a great overall feel. It also fills in all my missing cover art and everything(I know DoubleTwist does this too, but it's locked behind the Pro version). Until now, I've shied away from buying the pro features of DoubleTwist because of the steep price tag ($10 for a music player?), but I'm starting to consider it with Player Pro since it's half the price.

    Has anyone else here used both of these players? Are there other features that I should consider? Should I shell out the money for Player Pro or stick with the basic features of DoubleTwist? Any input is appreciated.
    09-13-2013 02:23 PM

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