1. thirdwilliam's Avatar
    Hello Android Central!

    Has anyone purchased the "VIP Premium" package for the themes of GO SMS Pro? I forget how much it costs, but it is in excess of ten dollars. It is essentially something along the lines of a pass, that would allow you to download the otherwise paid themes for GO SMS Pro without paying for each individually.

    I was curious if that included the themes for the other apps in the GO family of products. For example, with that pass would you be able to download a theme for their Dialer EX app as well?

    This would significantly influence my decision on whether or not to purchase that VIP package or not. I've read a lot comments tearing GO SMS Pro apart for all its bloat and lag, after tinkering with nearly every other popular option for an alternative SMS app, GO SMS Pro is what wins for me.

    Any feedback is deeply appreciated!
    09-15-2013 02:14 AM
  2. dpcole7's Avatar
    I bought the Next 3D Launcher, and got a pop-up for VIP Premium. I went for the "all" (Functions Pro plus all themes for 20% off.) Seemed a good deal. So I bought it, thinking it covered everything that came with the Launcher and what was shown on screen. Which included SMS Pro.

    When launching the icon, it went to the Google Play store. So it looks like the Launcher did not include the SMS package, and other packages despite direct-access icons showing up in the actual Launcher panes and settings screens screens - which implies that these applets are sold as part of the Launcher and not extras. I installed SMS Pro...

    So when launching it this time around (and it made a second icon on the Launcher pane), the SMS Pro app also asked for an upgrade to VIP Premium. I already bought that. Having done the upgrade process on another app (the weather app), I thought the same process would take place and SMS Pro would activate, since it's all part of a themed collection.

    It hadn't.

    I contacted the developer to see if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a snafu or bug (another person reported a bug with SMS Pro not activating), as I am assuming the Function Pro upgrade covers their entire lineup of apps that have direct access icons on display or in the configuration -- there's where the confusion is coming in. I'll keep you updated. The developer is quick in getting back to people via the comments section in the app, so emails should be quick. Though, given today being a holiday, I doubt they will respond. I should hear back by Monday.

    As for bloat and lag, I've seen no lag on my Galaxy S4. I'm still testing battery life. So far, no real difference. It's slick and better than other launchers in terms of utility.
    11-28-2013 02:50 PM
  3. dpcole7's Avatar
    I slept on it. I've not heard back yet from the makers. Maybe they're making assumptions, like I am right now, because they have responded to others in the Google Play store with their questions.

    I do believe that the premium packages are unique to each individual app (weather app, SMS, etc.) Dang, that gets expensive FAST.

    The 3D Launcher is more or less worth the cost as it comes with enough features and polish. That I am happy to pay the price for, since the other 3D launcher I looked at also cost a fair amount (though SPB's was $2 less and appeared has more features (including an SMS app), but it isn't quite as stable and people have been abandoning it due to lack of features, erroneous readings, etc. )

    As for battery usage, there's a marginal increase - not much when idle, though.

    But the VIP package is a little overpriced if it doesn't cover their entire realm. I know development costs time and money, and $5 isn't excessively bad for individual apps' complete functionality (e.g. task manager, weather, SMS Pro, etc), but the theme pack add-on for $17 or both combined for $20 arguably is too much (for single applications), though part of me appreciates that graphic design is undervalued as an industry... it's not as much that as it is the market telling us that all these apps should be lower in price since most are lower in price.

    I might buy the Pro edition for $5 just to be able to back up conversations and the other features as it does offer much value, but the theme pack is too much. I don't expect to buy enough add-in individual themes to justify that added cost for one app.

    Hopefully more people will chime in, but I wanted to add in my experiences. Which are mostly very good - there are so many neat little tweaks the launcher puts in and it's got the right look and feel, there is much depth from what I've seen and I've not done some of what youtube reviews pointed out... but unlimited themes are per-app and that gets expensive: for all unlocked add-in apps would be 20 for SMS +20 for Weather and so on, and the prices become far higher than yesterday's desktop generation apps... Which makes sense for them as individual apps, but the 3D Launcher incorporates these as a whole and that's where I got confused.

    So I would recommend get the apps you need, unlock those (if nothing else, most people hate ads and some added functionality is very useful), but the theme packs are debatable in terms of price. Find one good theme and it'll probably be a while before that $16 cost or whatever is made up for.
    11-29-2013 09:19 AM
  4. Bridget Frank's Avatar
    Like a dummy I paid the 19.99 for the premium package because I wanted the free themes. But even with the purchase I'm still being charged for themes and can get no answer from developers as to why this is. I'm super frustrated because I e been trying to contact them for 2 weeks now about this. I feel like it's $20 completely wasted since I can't use it for what I paid for.
    09-18-2015 02:58 PM
  5. Kimberly Putney 44's Avatar
    I've used SMS PRO (not the premium edition)for several months now and pretty much dig it. Is a pretty versatile App that is continually adding new features with each update. It does take up some extra ram, but even with my moto g, I am quite comfortable working with this messaging App.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-21-2015 08:44 AM
  6. Calilove1121's Avatar
    I have used go SMS pro for a ridiculous amount of years... Only recently have I tried to get Super VIP lol I'm super cheap and used gold. Still nothing!! Just says purchased. I emailed them and they responded but it was an auto reply and the suggestion didn't work. Still waiting for an email back!!
    I have a secondary question... There's themes for the new dialer?? After GO contacts ex stopped working I tried the new dialer but there weren't themes for it. Also I think exdialer you're talking about is a different not a GO app!! I found one that has themes but it's not GO... Also that is a 5 day trial!! I could be wrong and if I am AWESOME... I miss GO contacts ex!!
    10-03-2016 09:58 AM

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