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    I've published recently my scientific calculator for Android devices, Libop Calculator.

    Libop was designed with the concept of being the touch evolution of calculators. It has and innovative and stylish interface that gives you unparalleled functions for the daily use.

    Numbers and results are stored in a list so you can see what you have done and use them with a touch for further calculations.
    The most common operations are always available.
    Specific operations can be accessed throw the functions buttons stripe.
    You can define your own constants.
    It ha a selected range of functions: A selected range of functions: Trigonometry, Statistic, Probability Distributions, Finance and Unit Conversion.

    At Finance and Distributions you can define several variables to get your result.
    From a loan payment to a Weibull probability, Libop allows you to have all the information at screen.

    It has the RPN Mode option.

    Libop has a Full Version and a Free version with limited functions. The free version doesn't have Ads (yet).

    You can find more information at its webpageLibop Calculator.

    Please try the free version, all comments and feedback are wellcome!

    Free Version:
    Play App Store: Libop Calculator Free Play Store
    Amazon Store:Libop Calculator Free Amazon

    Full Version:
    Amazon Store: Libop Calculator Full Amazon
    Samsung App: Libop Calculator Full Samsung

    Libop Video:

    Some images of Libop:
    [APP] Libop Calculator-features1-numbers-list.jpg[APP] Libop Calculator-features2-functions-art.jpg[APP] Libop Calculator-features3.5-lsummatory-art.jpg[APP] Libop Calculator-features3-lock-art.jpg[APP] Libop Calculator-features4-constant-creation-art.jpg[APP] Libop Calculator-features7-variables2-art.jpg
    09-15-2013 09:06 PM

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