1. MissMe's Avatar
    What, if any apps or methods do you use to notify your loved ones of an emergency?

    Had a bit of a scare over the weekend where I had to be rushed to the ER. I'm feeling fine now but it was stressful nonetheless. my friend had my phone but being unfamiliar with Android (silly iPhone user), he didn't know where to find the contacts while I was out.

    My Emergency contacts are listed as such under "Contacts" (i.e. Mom - EMERGENCY CONTACT). Any suggestions?
    08-30-2010 01:53 PM
  2. RobertInCypress's Avatar
    there is an app on the market called ICE or something like that that has an in case of emergency button that will show up even on your lock screen. i noticed it while searching 'lockscreen' but it might show up under ICE too.
    08-30-2010 02:07 PM
  3. RobertInCypress's Avatar
    08-30-2010 02:23 PM