10-24-2010 07:40 PM
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  1. Super Turtleman's Avatar
    I'd use it to listen to the news while doing other tasks. As a father of 6 (foster parent), any extra help or time saving apps are very much appreciated.
    08-30-2010 10:07 PM
  2. kadield's Avatar
    So what other feature does it need if it can read the Android Central news to me? That's all a boy would ever need!
    08-30-2010 10:14 PM
  3. aquaboy1976's Avatar
    I would listen to news while commuting to work (my drive is about 45 minutes one way).
    08-30-2010 10:17 PM
  4. SirOcelot's Avatar
    With BuzzVoice, I can listen to my favorite blogs with headphones in one ear while my wife is yapping in the other. Ah, life would be sweet.
    08-30-2010 10:18 PM
  5. seriousfun's Avatar
    I'd stream news relevant to each of my three businesses so I can try to make enough in one so I can close the other two.
    08-30-2010 10:19 PM
  6. 4given_p8ntblr's Avatar
    I would use this app to keep up with my latest tech news while helping out my family weed the yard and clean the house. It'd be perfect!
    08-30-2010 10:27 PM
  7. warstory's Avatar
    I would use it so that i wouldnt have to leave my house anymore.Even to grab the newspaper.
    08-30-2010 10:27 PM
  8. deathseeker148's Avatar
    I would use BuzzVoice to keep track of tech news and also listen in on food blogs, so that by the time I get to the store or my destination, I would know what's a good place to eat through reviews or what to pick up for recipes to cook for dinner...
    08-30-2010 10:31 PM
  9. Wirelesskaos's Avatar
    I would hope that with BuzzVoice my accuracy would improve....
    I have missed everyone in the crosswalk for at least a month.
    If I could concentrate better I'm sure my numbers will go up
    08-30-2010 10:32 PM
  10. keilflex's Avatar
    id straight up show it off and grab about tennew android peeps to the community wit da quickness. just another reeason to swap carriers!! woot!
    08-30-2010 10:34 PM
  11. Derrickvi's Avatar
    I'm a college student and I am in love with my school's Electronics Technology department. I spend my day building robots and fixing computers (no, really). As you can imagine, this is all very hands on stuff, so my fellow classmates and I spend lots of extra hours in the tech lab. Aside from the sound of things being screwed in or the hissing of a hot soldering iron, it's disturbingly quiet. Although we're all geeky gearheads, we all prefer different genres of music. There's a stereo system, but it only plays the Professor's old CD's (*yuck*) or the ad-riddled radio (*double yuck*).

    I would plug my phone into this stereo system and play BuzzVoice, selecting topics/blogs that relate to our courses of study. Since Android is pretty good at multitasking, I'd find a way to have it play some atmosphere music underneath it in a lower volume, creating a ZEN INFOSPHERE. TEE EHM! (TM!)

    If you select me to be one of your 10, I promise I will create this ZEN INFOSPHERE for not only myself, but for the aspiring technicians and engineers that are my classmates too!

    We are your future mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer technicians, and roboticists. Think of your FUTURE!
    08-30-2010 10:34 PM
  12. yoflores's Avatar
    To use as is
    08-30-2010 10:36 PM
  13. yehoni's Avatar
    When I'm out on my sales calls, I spend hours driving. Podcasts are great, but I'd love a way to get my news feeds, and a little variety would be nice, too.
    08-30-2010 10:37 PM
  14. yoflores's Avatar
    To use as is
    08-30-2010 10:39 PM
  15. Azholio's Avatar
    This is the perfect addition to my slogging over 4 hours a day in my car, driving all over the place. I needs a good speaking edjumacashun!
    08-30-2010 10:54 PM
  16. bemick's Avatar
    I would love a copy of BuzzVoice because I hate reading. Actually it'd be great to catch up on news while on the way to work.
    08-30-2010 10:58 PM
  17. rizoh66's Avatar
    All android, all the time. Who really cares about other news?
    08-30-2010 11:02 PM
  18. deenoo's Avatar
    I will use buzzVoice to listen to Android Central news while driving so I can pay more attention to the road.
    08-30-2010 11:06 PM
  19. whipstitch's Avatar
    If I had BuzzVoice all my problems would be solved!
    08-30-2010 11:07 PM
  20. chrisb3's Avatar
    I would use it to listen to my news in the office instead of reading it. Which would increase my productivity.
    08-30-2010 11:14 PM
  21. jhoove09#IM's Avatar
    I would use it to keep my attention on the things in life that are important like my phone.... oh, wait.... oh, well I could use it while I read other news articles on the web. :-)
    08-30-2010 11:17 PM
  22. hollywood1962's Avatar
    If I won it would increase my love of android and I could use it to tweak my iPhone friends

    Sent from my Droid Incredible
    08-30-2010 11:19 PM
  23. PsychicRefugee's Avatar
    I would use it read out my online Anatomy textbook while I drive so that I have a better chance of passing the class!
    08-30-2010 11:21 PM
  24. jmacapili's Avatar
    With Buzz Voice, I'll have my eyes on the road while listening to news that matter to me.
    08-30-2010 11:39 PM
  25. neighborhoodtech's Avatar
    I would use BuzzVoice as a tool, a tool that will help me conquer the world! A good general relies on information to stay one step ahead of his enemy and as a future world dictator I need information and I need it fast if I am to ever rule with an iron fist! MuuuHaHaHaha...
    08-30-2010 11:40 PM
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