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    The Color Of Money is a live wallpaper made with libgdx and opengl. It was made trying to optimize the code for a non-intensive use of the battery, and to support a wide range of screen resolution in both portrait and landscape mode
    The Color Of Money will allow you to choose among several options:

    • Show or hide money

    • Money signs of dollar and euro;

    • Falling money type: dollar and euro banknotes and coins;

    The Color of Money Live Wallpaper-bannerpro.png

    When you purchase full version you get additional features such as:

    • You can enable a particle effect (some stars moving in the centre of money sign);

    • You can choose among some other money signs and falling money type (Japanese yen, British pound);

    • No ads.


    Developer: Tuxmind
    Version: 1.1
    Technical Requirements: Android 2.1+
    Category: Personalisation
    Facebook page: thecolorofmoney

    Download from Google Play or attached to this thread

    New v1.1 available now

    What's new in v1.1:
    Code was optmized to increase the life of battery;
    Fixed bugs.

    You can download a new 1.1version on Google Play
    09-21-2013 10:30 AM

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