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    How well you know about cricket? If you are die hard Cricket Fan.. Try answering below questions..

    - Throughout history most of the cricket rules suffered modifications. Which is the only rule that did not change over time?
    - Why Sachin Tendulkar has kept 13 one Rupees coins in his collection?
    - Which unusual thing happened on 2008-09, (M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore), India Vs Australia match?
    - Who invented googly?
    - What happened when USA Rejected Sir Ravindra Jadejas Visa
    - Who was the first cricket to wear full helmet?
    - Do you know in 1981 Dennis Lillee had put bets on England while playing for Australia in ongoing match?
    - Worlds Costliest cricket ball!!!
    - Why Muttiah Muralitharan doesn't need Indian Visa?
    - Why Brian Lara named his daughter Sydney?
    - What happened 815 times in ODI, once since 1995 and never since 2004?
    - Hollywood actor Russell Crows famous cousin Cricketer.

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