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    Got CoPilot Live and honestly I think this app sucks and was a complete waste of money, just cumbersome. Wanted to try an offline app since not a fan of recent updates to Google Nav and odd glitches that I'm having (as well as others I know, let alone all the post online about issues now lol). I tried the CoPilot forum and searching on there shows people with similar issues and no help/run around from CoPilot as they must not understand what we're asking and pointed me to a thread where others we're still confused lol. So we all know how on Google Nav you don't even have to know the address of a place, just start typing the name (like of a company or what ever and it'll automatically bring up the suggestions or place to select). In CoPilot I can't figure this out, they say to use the Google Search in Points but that doesn't work worth a crap, i tried 10 places and it only found 1 and I live in South Florida..... not bungfukegypt lol. On Google Nav I can type my fiances companies (she's a Dr) and it shows the 3 offices automatically to choose from in Miami. I do the same in CoPilot and it gives me results for Fedex, Hotels, and Restaurants, Home Depot etc, in my city, a completely different city.

    Basically is there any way to just type in names like you can on Google Nav w/o knowing the exact addresses on CoPilot? Or any offline Nav app (if so which one). Especially on the fly, I love how with Google Nav you can just start typing and it'll again know where you want to go (or suggest) and just select and swtich from that point or randomly at the end of another destination. Am I doing something wrong or is this how offline Nav apps work (meaning no similar thing to the ease of search on Google Nav? I'm annoyed I just spent this money for this and their customer service is clueless from searching online.
    09-25-2013 05:57 PM
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    Ok kinda figured out how to work around this, easiest way seems to be to use browser each time, find your place and "get directions" and select Copilot "just once" otherwise I have GoogleNav too and don't want it to be tied only to CoPilot for directions... kinda annoying but only way it works. I don't know why they brag about "Google Search" integrated, as it's flawed and doesn't work well at all in CoPilot.

    Now to figure out how to have maps on the external card as I'm reading a ton of post online about that but it's confusing as heck.
    09-26-2013 01:47 PM

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