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    I have developed an open source project Wordzilla. Its my first app. Its an open source word-list that lists all the words in English. If you are too busy to read about you can check out my 1 minute video about the app @ Youtube

    If you continue to read thank you . Its an open source project so you are free to edit and add words to it which will be added to the central database on review. Since we want to add the fun factor we made it as a game.
    Enter your favourite and press go.
    Wordzilla gives a word that has the last letter of the word as its first letter.
    Player : Ongoin(G)
    Here the word should start with "G"
    Wordzilla : (G)atherin(g)
    Player : (G)am(e)
    Wordzilla : (E)nthusias(m)

    30 sec to enter the word.
    No repetitions are allowed.
    When you enter the word entered by wordzilla then your life diminishes. You have 5 lives.
    The longer you play the more the score increases for each word.
    Long words give you bonus. Eg. Superstitiously gives you 1500 points as bonus.
    15 levels of addictive gameplay.

    It has no ads because I think mission is more important than mission. As its my first app I need to have a lot of reviews and ideas to make it better . So try out the app at Google play @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...achi.Wordzilla .
    09-28-2013 05:10 AM
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    Wordzilla v2.0 released

    The perfect free offline dictionary with 200000+ words. An innovative game to test and improve your word skills in minutes. Also its an open source game where everybody can contribute and edit.

    Features :

    * Over 200000+ words from Wikitionary.
    * Move to SD card. Takes only 2MB.
    * Simple and elegant design.
    * Offline content . Doesn't need internet.
    * Open sourced nature of the app lets you to freely use the app database.
    * Share the word : Now you can share the word along with its meaning when someone asks you a meaning.

    How to play :

    1. Enter your favourite word and press Wordzilla.
    2. Wordzilla gives a word that has the last letter of your word as its first word.
    Example :
    Player : Gon(e)
    Wordzilla : (E)ndearin(g)
    Player : (G)ame

    Game features :

    * 15 levels of addictive Gameplay.
    * Wordzilla also gives us meaning of the words.
    * Global Leaderboards.
    * Pause the game and resume for unlimited hours of fun.
    * Submit new scores.

    SwarmConnect Leaderboards :
    * Swarm account is needed to submit scores and achievements.
    * You can "play as guest"
    * 15 levels of achievement.
    * Compete with other players.

    The app database consists of Wikitionary content and can be used as long as they attribute me and Wikitionary license.

    ** SwarmConnect is not necessary you can select Play as guest from the bottom. Its needed to submit scores only**
    ** App can be moved to SD card and takes only 2MB in your internal memory**

    The app is available @ www.github.com/tirkarthi/Wordzilla . Happy Hacking..
    01-20-2014 03:46 AM

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