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    Challenge your movie knowledge by playing the one of a kind MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D! Get this unique trivia quiz with questions and answers, compete against other players and prove you're a real movie maniac by playing this addicting multiple choice quiz game for free! Movie trivia questions have never been more entertaining – download this free quiz app and see for yourself!


    - Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!
    - Each time you answer a question you spend 1 energy point!
    - You get one energy point each 2 minutes!
    - Answer the question correctly to travel around the world!
    - You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer; choose the correct answer on the first try to travel the longer distance!
    - Use help to pass the longer distance than your opponents: double the length of the distance you can pass or remove one wrong answer!

    Try out the game by following these links:

    Play Store Link

    Facebook Page

    10-01-2013 09:14 AM

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