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    Many of us have experienced often one of the following moments:

    1. A car is coming and you are not fast enough to run the camera app on time to take photos of the car.
    2. You are for some reason suddenly in the dark and you are looking for your flashlight.
    3. You sit on a bus/train listening to music and like to skip a song with no effort.
    4. You enter a discussion and forgot to put the device on silent mode.
    5. You are talking on the cell phone at a busy street and try to hear what your friend on the phone says.

    Therefore, to avoid such situations in the future, a new app developed called Shake.

    The app allows us to shake the device and as a result run different actions - even when the screen is turned off.

    As part of the wide range of actions offered by the application that take place during the shaking, we can find:

    Running any application like Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp and more.
    Turning flashlight on / off.
    Changing the ringer mode - ring / vibrate / silent.
    Turning screen on / off.
    Expanding the status bar.
    Turning 3G on / off.
    Turning Wifi on / off.
    Turning auto rotate on / off.
    Turning auto brightness on / off.
    Turning speaker on / off.
    Turning flight mode on / off.
    Control music player: skip track, start the player etc.
    Show recent used apps.
    Call a contact

    In the application settings we can find useful features - vibration feedback when shaking / sensor sensitivity control / setting different shaking methods: shaking horizontally or vertically, and more.

    The app can be downloaded for free via Google Play and it is adjusted for Android 2.3 and above.

    10-02-2013 08:38 AM

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