1. cputrdoc's Avatar
    Finally, the Music app's shuffle feature in Froyo is picking up some of the albums that Android 2.1 never got around to playing. But um... it's also playing sound effects and recordings from one of my kids' games.

    So I went into the library, found the "album" under "Unknown Artist," and tried to remove it from the Music app's library. The warning box said it would delete the sounds from my SD card. Okay, that's not a good thing... Cancel out of that...

    How do I keep it from playing certain things? Do I have to create a playlist of everything and remove the "songs" I don't want? ...and if that is the method, how can I "add all" without going through album by album or artist by artist?

    (Droid Incredible with Froyo)
    08-31-2010 07:55 PM