1. kamileon's Avatar
    I was wondering if the Droid was able to run apps that using the phones GPS. I know on other GPS enabled phones from VZW the GPS is locked, with the exception of the BB Tour and Storm. Which is the phone I came from. I was using an app on my BB that was designed for geocaching. And I havent found an app in the market for this yet.
    11-23-2009 03:22 PM
  2. trentandrews's Avatar
    Third party application can use GPS. I am currently using it with a program called Locale, that changes my phone setting based on where it is(Home, Work.....)

    11-23-2009 03:34 PM
  3. chrisoverly's Avatar
    Works just fine, it is a "Google Experience Phone" and has not really been touched by VZW other than the Market having a special section for items that VZW thinks might be helpful. Remember that a lot of apps cannot work on Android 2.0 right now (such as Layar) due to a major change in the way that the OS talks to applications.

    11-23-2009 06:03 PM