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    I recently switched over to the Incredible from the BlackBerry Storm 2. I'm loving everything so far, however, I'm searching for a music player that's essentially the same as the one in BB OS 5.

    1) Indexing. I have over 3,000 songs on my SD card. The Sense music app likes to index them every time I flip over to the "song list" it takes a good 10 seconds to scan through the card and list every artist.
    2) Keyboard searchable index. I absolutely hate scrolling from the top of the list to get to something that's in the second half of the alphabet. Ideally, something that can search both artist and title at the same time.

    1) iTunes/bloatware syncing. I just use Windows Explorer to copy stuff over. Easy.
    2) Suggestions. I know what I like and how to find new stuff/more stuff. I don't need an app that can tell me that.
    3) Streaming. I'm only listening to music that's on the phone; sometimes in places where I don't have reception.

    1) Free. I'll pay, but free is nice.
    2) A widget associated with the app.
    3) Albums and album art ignored.

    I can't find a nice way to say this, but I just don't give a **** about album art. Half the time I don't like the covers and the other half the song doesn't have a cover. The music I listen to generally comes out on singles, some stuff only has digital releases, and some stuff isn't/hasn't been released thus meaning no album art. For this reason I don't navigate my music by albums. Just artist and title.
    There are generally two use cases for me:
    1) I want to hear a specific song. Usually I can remember all or part of the artist and/or title. Sometimes I'm actually searching by remixer, which is stored in the title of the ID3 tag. An example of this would be the Morgan Page remix of Tegan & Sara's "Alligator". The filename would look like "Tegan & Sara - Alligator (Morgan Page Remix)". Sometimes I search by producer, so typing in Morgan Page would find all songs where he's listed in the artist and/or title field.
    2) Random mode. No more, no less. Just surprise me with a new song after this one is over.
    09-01-2010 01:34 AM
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    I guess that's too tall of an order?
    09-03-2010 04:58 PM