1. Issemann's Avatar
    Howdy folks. Tried to search for this answer, but nothing so far...

    I will occasionally attach a file to a calendar event within Google calendar. But I have yet to find a calendar app that can sync the file attachment to my phone.


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    10-08-2013 07:01 AM
  2. Gekko's Avatar
    my guess is no because it is still an experimental "Labs" feature. but maybe you could get the attachment by going into the web version of Gmail Calendar via browser on your phone?
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    10-08-2013 07:10 AM
  3. daddydo's Avatar
    I've only found one calendar app that works on android. WAVE calendar. I was made aware of this app through Forbes. Go to google play store and look up wave. You will notice its logo; aqua blue background and large A or upside down V.
    02-05-2015 10:44 AM
  4. Alan Sears's Avatar
    I tried Wave calendar and it does not sync attachements from google calendar........... the only calendar I have found that does, is the google calendar
    07-07-2015 01:20 PM

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