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    [Nova Maze] - A "neon obstacle course for your finger" arrived on Google Play today!-feature-graphic-touchup-e1365091973226.jpg
    A brilliant Action/Puzzle maze game with stunning neon visuals and 70+ levels!


    Dodge a variety of obstacles, unlock gates, and collect stars while drawing a continuous line between two rings in this brilliant Action/Puzzle style game.

    Available Now on Google Play!
    [Nova Maze] - A "neon obstacle course for your finger" arrived on Google Play today!-en_generic_rgb_wo_60.png


    - Exciting, yet relaxing gameplay!
    - Stunning neon graphics and effects!
    - Dodge lasers, unlock gates, and collect stars!
    - More than seventy action-packed levels, with more coming soon!
    - Fourteen different achievements to unlock!
    - Looks and plays great on tablets!

    [Nova Maze] - A "neon obstacle course for your finger" arrived on Google Play today!-device-2013-07-29-131235-300x172.jpg [Nova Maze] - A "neon obstacle course for your finger" arrived on Google Play today!-device-2013-07-29-132922-300x172.jpg [Nova Maze] - A "neon obstacle course for your finger" arrived on Google Play today!-device-2013-07-29-131935-300x172.jpg [Nova Maze] - A "neon obstacle course for your finger" arrived on Google Play today!-device-2013-07-29-132315-300x172.jpg

    Plano, TX – Prisma Code, an independent game studio founded in late 2012, announces the release of its debut Android™ title, “Nova Maze”. Nova Maze is a casual puzzle game in which the player draws a line connecting two rings while avoiding obstacles and collecting stars. It is scheduled to be released to Google Play™ on October 12th, 2013.
    Drawing a line through a maze of neon walls is only the start of what this game offers. The primary challenges the player will encounter include dodging laser beams and spinning semi-circles, unlocking gates and visiting checkpoints, plus quite a few other things. The game contains six level groups, each containing twelve individual levels.

    The unique scoring mechanic in Nova Maze adds an interesting twist to the gameplay: the longer the player draws their line, the lower their score. By collecting stars and visiting “checkpoints” the player can gain boosts to their score. Each level starts off by giving you a score of one-thousand points, making your final score depend significantly on how efficient you are at completing the level. Thus, a large part of playing the game is strategically planning how you will tackle each level before you ever set finger to screen.

    Designed especially with tablets in mind, Nova Maze sports a visually appealing neon graphics style that is evident in everything from the game objects themselves to the buttons on the game’s menu. The game also offers thirteen specific in-game achievements, ranging from failing a level ten times in a row to drawing a total of fifty yards of line. There is also a special “Ultimate Achiever” award for those persistent enough to collect all the stars in each level plus complete all thirteen of the previously described achievements. Nova Maze is designed for casual gamers, but that’s not to say that masters of the action/puzzle genre wouldn’t find any challenging gameplay in Nova Maze, especially when it comes to the sixth level group with its exploding “photon bombs”.

    The game will be available to buy for $1.45 on Google Play following its October 12th release. A free but limited “lite” version that showcases the app’s basic features and gameplay will also be offered on Google Play sometime following the release of the full version. According to Prisma Code’s lead developer, John Hatch, there are plans to add more levels to the game in the future: “I believe Nova Maze is already packed with features casual gamers are sure to enjoy, but just for those who’ll want more of the game’s relaxing atmosphere and action-filled levels, we plan to make an expansion pack containing at least two new level groups available before the end of 2014”.
    10-12-2013 08:02 PM
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    Cool looking game.

    From a Sprint Moto X using AC forums app
    10-12-2013 10:06 PM

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