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    Not sure if this has been posted already (did a search, but no luck).. But I was alter to download the .apk and install it with Astro file manager..

    please do not post links to a swype apk. this is not allowed in the forum because the swype developers prefer it wasn't passed around. if you do want a copy then sign up for it on their site. themes for swype are ok but themed swype apk's are prohibited here. thank you

    There's a red version and a green version, no stock color. I have to say the red one looks pretty f'n sick.

    I actually tried this method a few weeks ago and it didn't work. But it's working like a champ now!

    Make sure all versions of Swype are deleted from the phone, not just uninstalled. Download the .apk, and I would recommend installing it with Astro (some people had issues doing it from the stock installer). Select in settings, then choose as input method..should be good to go!

    Evo running 2.2 here. Working flawlessly so far.
    09-01-2010 04:24 PM
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    Oh ****, my bad..!

    Never read that it was an issue.. Strange considering how often I read the board..sorry, won't happen again!
    09-01-2010 08:39 PM