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    So after giving my 3 year old nephew more than 10 different games with cars a day I noticed that most of them are really simple, but STILL too hard for him. I have decided to create the game with cars for that specific age group. Simple to win and fun to watch. I've spent two days developing this new game where you can choose truck, sport car or motocycle and drive through crazy track's. Please, try this on your kid's and let me know if it works It worked for my nephew as expected


    [FREE][GAME]The most simple and fun android game EVER!-1.jpg
    [FREE][GAME]The most simple and fun android game EVER!-2.jpg
    [FREE][GAME]The most simple and fun android game EVER!-3.png
    [FREE][GAME]The most simple and fun android game EVER!-4.png
    [FREE][GAME]The most simple and fun android game EVER!-5.jpg
    [FREE][GAME]The most simple and fun android game EVER!-8.png


    10-14-2013 07:43 AM

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