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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Alex and I've created my first app. It is called App Categories and it does exactly what the name suggests. It auto-assigns a category based on Google Play categories. I was tired of dragging apps around and manually managing folders and I wasn't satisfied with current solutions so I decided to write my own app. My friends loved it and I decided to share it with you guys.

    On first launch you will be prompted to scan your device for available apps and then you will get prompted to assign a category for each app. Apps not found in Google Play may not be categorized although I keep track of un-categorized apps and try my best to assign a proper category based on the package name / application name.

    After the initial setup your device will automatically categorize apps that get installed so you wouldn't have to worry about it. For instance if you install Angry Birds it will automatically go in your games category. You can also manually manage categories and turn off the automatic part so that you can save your data (although my service calls are quite minimal and you wouldn't see any significant data usage).

    Once you are happy with your category setups you can create a launcher shortcut for each category by a simple button press. The created shortcut will launch a folder with the apps assigned to that category. You can change any category's icon to a built it on or one of your own images / icons. Due to an android 4.0 limitations I could not make the app delete created shortcuts so if you choose to change an icon you have to recreate the shortcut and delete the old one.

    Latest edition allows for cool things like theme changes and a grid / list toggle for the list of apps. Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions, criticism and ideas are very welcome.

    BTW the app is free, ad-free and it will always remain so!

    Here is a link to it: App Categories
    10-15-2013 12:33 AM

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