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    New Game [FREE] DEAD EFFECT-de_new_icon.png

    We are aware of the compatibilty issues on some devices that should be able to run the game.
    Please let us know of if you have this problem and what device you have.

    Today is another big day for us!

    We have released the game for Androids. Its available on Google Play and is completely free to play!

    Play nice, kill zombies and have fun. If you enjoy the game, please let us know by giving us a 'like' on our Facebook

    You can also show us your support by donating on our website - sci-fi FPS game - Dead Effect


    ESS Meridian System: Wednesday September 7, 2045 178 days of hibernation.
    Delta 3 Chamber, Active Tissue and vital functions Check.
    Error! Disruption Detected Critical Health Detected.
    3 2 1 Awakening!

    Something is not right, the hibernation pods are all empty. What is happening?

    You are an elite member of the Unit 13. Fight for your life in a SCI-FI FPS game that will send chills down your spine.

    Grab your Androids, get in control and bring infected horrors down. Your interface is zombie-shooting ready.
    An epic single player campaign awaits you with more than 5 hours of story gameplay. Space is cold and full of horrors.
    Throughout the campaign you will find new weapons and money to upgrade your armory.
    Discover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian, and wander around its impressive environments with intense background music.
    Use your special ability to slow down the time and defeat even the toughest enemies!
    Will you take up the challenge and try to defeat all your enemies in survival mode arenas? Unlock all the achievements and get all the weapons available!

    Enjoy the game

    "Dead Effect is pretty awesome."-capsulecomputers.com.au 9/10
    "Graphically, the game is top notch."-toucharcade.com 4/5 Stars
    "Dead Effect is one of the greatest look iOS titles"-arcadesushi.com 8.5/10
    "Dead Effect [...] strikes an impressive balance between humor and fear"-modojo.com 4/5
    10-15-2013 02:14 PM
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    Looks awesome, keen on adding something ourselves to this busy genre. Will certainly stick Dead Effect on our review list.
    inDevBrain likes this.
    10-23-2013 03:49 PM

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