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    Playstore link

    Hi everyone!
    I'd like to introduce you Collagics Photo Mosaic. Hope you won't mind!

    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-collagics_ico_v5-custom-.png [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-collagics_ico_v5_pro-custom-.png

    The first Android app that creates photo mosaics in an efficient way and with high quality!
    The first app for photo mosaics which reinvents the photo mosaic itself, offering new and original ways to compose your own photos! Try different tiles shapes and effects, and the incredible crystal mosaic we have invented.
    Collagics generates amazing photo mosaics using all available images on your device.
    Choose a base image from your device, your online storages or just take a picture: Collagics will pick images from your gallery and place them to recreate the original image as a photo mosaic.

    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-promo_forum.png
    - Create photo mosaics of any image in a few seconds
    - Edit images and photomosaics! Apply filters, crop, rotate and more! Over 30 effects!
    - Customize tiles with special effects (unique feature in this photomosaics apps!)
    - Use high quality tiles for your photomosaics
    - Adjust size of your photomosaics, and for tiles variance and quality
    - Choose pictures from your device or from dropbox, google drive and more
    - Select, save and combine selections albums and pictures you want to use
    - Save photomosaics and share via email, facebook, twitter and more
    What is a photo mosaic?
    Photo mosaic is a picture (usually a photograph) that has been divided into (usually equal sized) rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the target photo. When viewed at low magnifications, the individual pixels appear as the primary image, while close examination reveals that the image is in fact made up of many hundreds or thousands of smaller images.
    Photographic mosaic. (2013, February 26). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 18:40, September 18, 2013, from Photographic mosaic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For further informations please visit:
    Official site
    Google Plus

    Thank you for reading. We hope you will enjoy this awesome application!
    10-19-2013 09:58 AM
  2. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    Hi, we have released a new update (2.3.0) which ensures compatibility with the new Android 4.4 and solves many bug
    11-30-2013 11:43 AM
  3. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    Hello everyone, just an update!
    Collagics version 3.0.0 is out now!
    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-collagics_ico.png

    New graphics and new funtionalities!
    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-screenshot_2013-12-24-14-12-04.jpg

    Also ads-free version is available!

    Merry Christmas!!
    12-25-2013 10:57 AM
  4. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    Happy new year!
    Collagics updates to version 3.1.0 which adds two new mosaics type: rotated photo mosaic and rotated color mosaic, each of which place tiles on the mosaic with a little rotation effect.
    See some examples!
    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-screenshot_2014-01-01-15-58-24.jpg
    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-screenshot_2014-01-01-15-58-41.jpg
    01-01-2014 09:11 AM
  5. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    new photo mosaic effects added! Collagics is the first and only photo mosaic app with those features !

    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-screenshot_2014-01-06-16-08-38.jpg
    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-screenshot_2014-01-06-16-11-18.jpg
    01-07-2014 02:18 PM
  6. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    New mosaic mode: Crystal mosaic!
    Try this new and exclusive mosaic we have invented!

    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-collagics2501141109-small-.png
    01-30-2014 03:07 PM
  7. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    Hi, update 3.4 adds a new mosaic mode!
    Growong mosaic!
    [APP][FREE][3.1+] Collagics Photo Mosaic-edit_screenshot_2014-02-28-00-09-36.jpg
    02-27-2014 05:32 PM
  8. Collagics PhotoMosaic's Avatar
    Collagics Photo Mosaic has been featured on Google Play. Thanks to everyone for this big milestone!
    03-22-2014 03:07 AM

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