1. Priscilla Johnson's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Skyrocket and Nexus 7 (2013) that have 2 different calendars. I have not installed another calendar to either device, but the calendars are different and don't update each other. Is there a way to get the Skyrocket Calendar on the Nexus 7? I believe the Nexus 7 uses the Google Calendar, but I'm not sure what calendar the Skyrocket uses. I have checked my App store and it is not using the Google calendar but I can't find the name of the calendar it does use.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
    10-22-2013 09:39 AM
  2. Gekko's Avatar
    my guess is that the Skyrocket Calendar App has a setting for which calendars you'd like it to use - "internal" or "cloud". it would seem that you have it set to use its own internal Calendar that's simply a database that resides on the phone - and NOT a "cloud" calendar like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. that resides in the cloud on the internet. if you want your calendar synced across all devices - you need to use a "cloud" calendar like Google.

    good luck.

    p.s. check out Jorte -

    10-22-2013 09:54 AM

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