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    To Talk or remain Silent, That is the Question
    Quit Silent Call Friends or Look Up, Find & Call People
    Start Talking & 100% Protect Privacy

    Talk Place is an application which brings people together, people who shares similar interests, pastimes or ideas, even if they do not know each other. Why waste time and sacrifice privacy endlessly typing on forums or in chat sessions on social networking websites? Use Talk Place app and call friends or look up, find and call people & talk about common topics: "what you love / hate", speed of light, "stock market news", "human rights in ...", "astronomy", "private passion for ...", "new bestseller book" ... or whatever you want as the list, literally, is endless.

    Call for free ( via Wi-Fi ) and talk with any registered user; whether they are your friends or someone you don't even know. This application does not use your personal information ( mobile phone number, name, email etc) insuring against any potential abuse and providing 100 % protection of your privacy. Application uses new, state of the art ( VoIP ) voice technology and provides the highest voice quality, the best on the market. Talk Place app works even on mobile networks / public hot spots that have disabled the use of other, well-known, ( VoIP ) brand names.

    How often have you really wanted to talk with someone and share important news that matters to you, without worrying that anybody will find out who you are or what you said ? Additionally, how many people want to share the same idea, advice, suggestion, information etc...... Talk Place makes it possible for a certain user to both search for, and to be found by, all other registered users of the app.

    Please read more details, informations, FAQ on Talk Place - mobile application

    How it works?

    During the registration process, application ask a few details about you ( but you decide about the answer, real or ....): your name/nickname, country, language, your age and gender. Every new user provides information about the fields and topics of personal interest. You can register up to 6 different accounts ( name/nickname & profiles ) p.ex.: one for talking with your friends, one for talking with other Talk Place users, one for talking with your business partners ... etc. and "ultra" protect your privacy even within a Talk Place users community .

    After you launch the application and click on "Search", you can choose the language ( obligatory ), together with ( optional ): category/subcategory, topic ( word, few words or phrase ) that interest you, country, age, gender etc ..., and then press the 'Search individual users' button. Afterwards, the application processes this data in order to search, find and provide you with a list of the most suitable contacts available online ( you can call them immediately! ) and offline users you can send messages / connect invitations to.

    People you call (contact) will see the name you chose for yourself and basic info about your profile together with call topic, the information you provided about your interests. The recipient also can review your profile so the more relevant information you provide about yourself ( interests, topics, gender, ages, profession...etc.) the better the chances are you'll find someone you will instantly 'connect' with.

    There are so many people who have had interesting experiences when talking to strangers, be it on a bus, on the plane..etc. Even if you do not know these people, you will be able to easily start a conversation, ask a question, ask for advice & 100% protect privacy.

    Subscription terms:

    14 days free trial

    One ( 1 ) month subscription fee: US $1.49 ( + local tax, if applicable )

    Please read more details, informations, FAQ on Talk Place - mobile application
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    10-22-2013 10:34 AM
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    Is this available on Play?
    10-22-2013 04:10 PM

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