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    Three Man is a simple drinking game you play with dice, but now you can play it anywhere you take your phone! You can carry it to the party in your pocket, and not worry about forgetting the dice! Play Three Man Drinking Dice Game with your buddies, and leave the dice at home.

    There are not too many rules but it can still result in people getting messed up as the rules that do exist toss a bunch of beer around!

    - Sound buttons on each side of the screen for taunting opponents...air horn, toilet flush, fart sounds
    - Ability to add new rules
    - Vibration features
    - Voice Announcements
    - Change dice colors (red dice, blue dice, white dice)
    - Take screenshots and share via social media and email
    - Save drunken notes for future laughs
    - In game Achievements via HeyZap
    List of Achievements can be found here 3 Man Drinking Dice Game V 2.2 Added In Game Achievements Via HeyZap - NullinVoid Inc. Android App Developer Blog
    Loads of Beer!
    ***Set up***
    *Everyone sits in a circle. The more the merrier, just pass the phone as you would the dice.
    *Pick someone to go first. After that, the person to the left goes, and so on...
    *Tap the dice to roll, and follow the text on the screen. If you make someone drink, then you get to roll again. If you roll doubles, pick two people to pass the dice to and have each one roll, low drinks high. If both players roll the same number then the original player that rolled the doubles has to drink both dice.

    * If 3 doubles are rolled in a row then the player that rolled them gets to make a new rule. A dialog box will pop up and take you to the rules page. Select a new rule and continue playing.

    * If a 3 is rolled at any point the player that is currently 3 man has to drink. If the player that is 3 man rolls a 3, that player is no longer 3 man, and the next person that rolls a 3 or a 2-1 is automatically 3 man.
    * 11 to the left - Anytime an eleven is rolled the person to the left of the roller is forced to drink one.
    * 7 to the right - Anytime a seven of any combination is rolled the person to the right of the roller is forced to drink one.
    * 4 and a 1 - Anytime a 4 and a 1 is rolled the last person to touch their nose is forced to drink one.
    * 6 and a 4 - Any time a 6 and a 4 is rolled everyone in the game clashes drinks and drinks one, and shouts sociable in unison.
    ***Extra Rules***

    *Extra Rules can be added to the game whenever you want to drink more, or when any player rolls 3 doubles in a row.

    * 5 and a 1 - Each player quickly place a hand on the table. The last one to do so must drink one. If there is a tie, then both players drink one.

    *5 and a 4 - Each player must quickly place their palm on their forehead, the last one has to drink one. If there is a tie, then both players drink one.

    *4 and a 2 - Each player must stand up and sit down. The last one to sit must drink one. If there is a tie, then both players drink one.

    *7s and 11s switch - This rule switches the 7 to the right and 11 to the left rules and makes them 7 to the left, and 11 to the right.

    Attention, alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health!
    Drink in moderation!
    Alcohol reduces driving ability, dont drink and drive!
    Drunk driving may cause disability or death!

    download links:
    GetJar | Mobile - Appsolutely Everything - worlds biggest open appstore

    website: NullinVoid Inc. Android App Developer Blog

    10-23-2013 01:56 PM
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    *updated to version 1.40
    10-23-2013 01:58 PM

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