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    I think this problem might be due to my restore with Titanium. I'm not sure.

    I cracked my screen on my original Samsung Galaxy S4. (Verizon) I have my insurance replacement. My old phone still works fine. The only problem is the cracked screen.

    1) I removed the SIM from my old phone and installed in the new phone to make sure everything worked fine.
    2) Installed the new software update. (MI1)
    3) Put the SIM back in my old phone.
    4) Backed up all user apps and system data in batch mode with Titanium on the old phone.
    5) I copied the backup set from my old phone to my PC.
    6) Reinstalled the SIM in the new phone.
    7) Copied the backup set from my PC to the new phone
    8) I did a batch restore using Titanium on my new phone.

    The problem shows up when I go to Android Device Manager. Apparently I restored a setting from the old phone to the new phone so that Android Device Manager thinks my new phone is my old phone.

    Android Device Manager did now about the new phone. It shows last date from when I initially installed, tested, and updated the new phone.
    After that, it only shows the old phone time and date being updated. It did this even thought the old phone had been off for several days.
    I also tested and essentially it thinks both phones are the old phone. I turned off the new phone with the SIM still in it and turned on the old phone with no SIM, but on WiFi. In Android Device Manager it updated the time to correspond with the old phone. Also, I could ring the old phone using ADM. (Remember no SIM) Of course when I turned off the old phone and turned on the new phone and did the same it thought the new phone was the old phone.

    So it looks like I restored something I shouldn't have restored when I did it.

    What did I restore erroneously?

    Is there anyway to fix this?

    Should I worry about it?

    I need to return the old phone. I assume they are going to repair it and someone will eventually get it. It would be strange if I could lock their phone or ring it or whatever.
    10-29-2013 01:44 AM

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