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    Hi guys, I've nearly finished my new app come wallpaper and would love to know your thoughts. And more importantly that it works on your devices out there

    It's called Halloween Town and is currently on Google Play.

    [APP][FREE] Halloween Town Interactive-halloweentownfeaturegraphic-600x292.jpg

    Welcome to Creepy Halloween Town where It’s Halloween all year round!
    Explore the Halloween town by swiping left and right as Trick or Treater’s of all shapes and sizes run riot!
    There has also been a Creepy Pumpkin outbreak, so beware!
    This is an interactive Halloween app and live wallpaper for you to enjoy. Tap away to see what is revealed.

    3D Halloween Town with spooky lanterns, trees, a circus and windmill
    Interactive Trick or Treaters in 24 different outfits – tap them and see what happens!
    Tap the houses to get the Candy
    Be careful of the Creepy Pumpkins
    Beware of the creepy trees

    10-30-2013 08:42 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Hope it does well in Play.
    10-30-2013 11:31 PM

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