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    I have been using Auto shortcut on my HTC Desire for a week or so now and it works perfectly and is a very lazy way to totaly custamize app shortcuts on your homescreen. Gone is the day when you have to change each and every individual icon by hand, you simply name the icons on your pc add an icon folder to your devices SD card. You then open the app navigate to the folder and hit create, the screen goes black for a few secs when its worked out what apps are named it then gives you a list of shortcuts it can create make your selection and hit create again then go home and place the customized icons were your heart desires.
    You can download this app via the XDA Forums
    There are a copiouse amount of icon packs available on the net for free all you need to do is name the icons to corispond with the apps you wish to customize.
    Some apps do not run under the name specified in the app draw or on the android market so if you run into any and manage to work out what there named in the system please let us all know so everybody may take advantage of your knowledge.

    Enjoy and have fun
    09-03-2010 06:24 PM