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    Portrait Lens for Android Creates DSLR Focus Effect in Flat Photos

    What’s the difference between a snap taken with a phone’s camera and a photograph made with a professional lens? It’s the DSLR focus effect when the important object is focused on and the background is blurred. It makes a photo look beautiful and natural. A new photo manipulation app called Portrait Lens lets you create the DSLR focus effect in photos that you have taken with the mobile phone’s camera.

    Here’s how you can create the DSLR focus effect. To begin, take a snap or select a photo from the gallery. The next step is to create a mask by dragging your finger around the area you want to focus on and the background you want to blur out. No matter how complex the shapes of an object could be, the application recognizes the focus area and applies the effect. It also uses a soft finish to incorporate the blur into the photo without making it look sloppy. Once done, you can save the output photo in the desired resolution (up to 3 megapixels). If necessary, you can change settings such as sharpness/blurring and saturation separately for the background and subject.

    Google Play link: http://play.google.com/store/apps/de...m.portraitlens



    [App][Free]Portrait Lens: Stand Out-1r.jpg

    [App][Free]Portrait Lens: Stand Out-2r.jpg

    [App][Free]Portrait Lens: Stand Out-4r.jpg

    [App][Free]Portrait Lens: Stand Out-5r.jpg

    [App][Free]Portrait Lens: Stand Out-6r.jpg

    Thank you for your time
    11-02-2013 04:53 AM
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    Awesome work! Keep it up! ...very nice indeed.
    11-02-2013 06:07 AM
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    Thank you!
    This is my first android app. Any feedback is welcome.
    11-02-2013 07:31 AM
  4. finder07's Avatar
    Just added support for Android Kit Kat. Here APK.
    Is there any bugs?
    Attached Files
    11-09-2013 02:43 AM

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