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    Relax Lights Alarm has been restyled

    ‘Relax Lights’ has been updated with a reinvented graphic style. Now the app has a new stylish “easy access” theme that allows you to use all the features in few taps.

    ‘Relax Lights’ is offers useful functions for your Android device: a complete alarm feature, Relax lights projectors, Music player and Widgets.

    Let’s see the ‘Relax Lights’ features:

    - Alarm:
    1) Easy alarm setup.
    2) Set the date / time and repeat modes.
    3) Set Multiple alarms.
    4) Snooze function, daily and weekly alarm repetition.
    5) Name your alarm.
    6) Choose from over 10 alarms or music on your phone (Fade in volume).
    7) The alarm remains active even with the application closed
    8) Repeat the alarm until the cancellation of the notification.

    - Function Relax:
    1) Light up your room with beautiful colors.
    2) Take a relaxing break in 5 minutes.
    3) Manage and activate the alarm with many soothing sounds and fashionable.
    4) Listen to your own music.
    5) Listen to soothing sounds.

    - Clock Widget:
    1) Selection between 3 styles of clock.
    2) Can be selected directly from the list of Android widgets.
    3) Clicking on the clock application opens.

    Download for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....relaxdemo.com

    11-02-2013 11:16 AM

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