1. otsrange's Avatar
    Does anyone know of an Android app that will essentially mirror the functionality of the email management on my Blackberry? My primary email is a Hotmail account. Specifically, when I delete an email (or group of emails), I want to be prompted each time to either: a) delete it on BOTH the server and my handheld or b) delete it on just the phone. I would also like emails that I read on my phone to be marked as read on the server, and for emails sent from my phone to show up in the Sent folder on the server.

    I am not a strong app user. My phone is primarily a phone and an email device. I don't stream movies, games or videos, and I only keep a small amount of music on the phone, so I don't need all of the bells & whistles that many folks relish. I'm only switching because there are a handful of apps that I need for business which my BB can't support. I'm currently considering getting a Moto X, but would welcome input on that front. Thanks.
    11-02-2013 03:41 PM
  2. colelighting's Avatar
    I am in an extremely similar dilemma as you are, with a decision to be made between a BB Z10 and a Moto X. In addition to the questions you've raised, I'm looking for email send features, such as "automatic BCC" and automatic reply-to". Like many people I use a Gmail account for corporate account forwarding purposes. When I send an email from my Gmail account, I want to have a copy automatically sent to my corporate email address; additionally, I want anybody replying to my Gmail email to have it automatically directed to my corporate account. Given how many people use email in this fashion, it escapes me why these features aren't standard on the default email clients.
    11-04-2013 10:57 PM

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