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    I am looking to upgrade my current smartphone to either a Blackberry Z10 or Motorola Moto X. Phone functionality for one or two handed, continual business communication use takes precedent over massive app selection. With Blackberry's uncertain future, I'm seriously considering the Moto X. Android default email clients; however, are very bare-bones--definitely not designed for business email. I'm looking for email send features, such as "automatic BCC" and automatic reply-to". Like many people I use a Gmail account for corporate account forwarding purposes. When I send an email from my Gmail account, I want to have a copy automatically sent to my corporate email address; additionally, I want anybody replying to my Gmail email to have it automatically directed to my corporate account. Given how many people use email in this fashion, it escapes me why these features aren't standard on the default email clients. Are there any email apps out there that will give me these features?
    11-04-2013 10:04 PM

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