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    apparently Google released an update in the play store today for Google Text-To-Speech replacing whatever your manufacturer has built in for Text-To-Speech... it sucks!! I DON'T like it!!! it reads too slow and the voice sounds like it's drunk!!! I prefer the Motorola one better!!! many Samsung user love it because Samsung's voice is stupid according to reviews... but many UK users hate how the male British voice they had is gone... I personally LOVED the Motorola voice that Jelly Bean has!!! so I factory reset it!!! and got it back...

    if you currently prefer the voice your Android phone has DO NOT UPDATE it sucks and sounds drunk... idk about Samsung users because I have a Motorola so I wouldn't update if you have a Motorola or in UK because vast majority of complaints are from those...
    11-07-2013 05:51 AM

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