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    Hi All,

    I have been trying to work out how to use Copipe (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...matabii.copipe) for timestamps, but the help page for this app is a 404.

    Does anyone know how to enter timestamps with it?

    Alternatively, are there are any other text expansion aps that support timestamps?

    I really miss TextExpander from iOS now..

    11-08-2013 10:31 PM
  2. robertmarkbram's Avatar
    I have found two substitutes that offer similar functionality: TextExpansion and Clipper Plus.

    They both do the following:

    1. Watch the system clipboard and store a history of what you copy.
    2. Allow you to create snippets consisting of custom timestamp fragments and your own text.
    3. One tap to copy the selected clip/snippet and automatically go back to whatever app you were previously using.
    4. Show you a key to the timestamp fragments to help form your own custom timestamps.

    Advantages of Clipper Plus:
    1. Helps you build custom snippets with a function that shows you the "dynamic variables" and lets you tap on any of them to insert it into the fragment you are building.
    2. Syncs snippets between devices.

    What I am missing on Android (that I have on iOS)
    With TextExpander (on iOS), you can write snippets that include timestamps and the current clipboard contents and assign short names to each snippet. Then, within an app that supports TextExpander, you could type out that short name and the whole snippet would be pasted in - so with one action you could have the text you copied with a timestamp inserted into the program you are using. Example:

    Abbreviation: njoe
    Note from Joe: %clipboard
    And the actions I take to use this are simple:

    1. I copy a text etc I received from Joe.
    2. Open my text editor.
    3. Type "njoe" and get:
      Note from Joe: whatever text I copied.

    This is magnificent, an un-matched level of inter-operation between apps I have not seen on anything else in iOS, and wish so much I could find in Android.

    With TextExpansion, Clipper Plus and Copipe, many more actions are required to do this:

    1. I copy a text etc I received from Joe.
    2. Open my text editor.
    3. Paste in the text I copied.
    4. Open notifications.
    5. Open TextExpansion/Clipper Plus/Copipe.
    6. Tap the snippet I want.
    7. Automatically get taken back to the text editor, but have to move the cursor to above the text I previously pasted (which should re-activate the keyboard).
    8. Paste the snippet in.

    So, what I have found so far is OK, but I would love to see some improvement.

    11-09-2013 01:21 AM

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