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    I'm currently using the App "SMS Forwarding" by Tony Shen, and I think it works well, does what it says on the box.

    It works by using the gmail account to forward a copy of all incoming SMS to an email address of my choice.
    great tool.

    But I have another need: to forward in the same manner a single SMS.

    I want it to work that way:
    From an SMS conversation, I keep my finger on the message I want to forward and the contextual menu appears.
    There, a menu item "forward with gmail" appears, and as the normal forward works, I can input an email address there, and the SMS message, including the originator's number, will be sent to that email, exactly as the app "SMS forwarding" does.
    Alternatively, another routing option might be added to the standard "forward" option, to ask the user if he would like to forward the message using gmail.

    Does anyone know an app that does this?
    (I want to do that directly as described. no SMS backup, no copy to gmail first an then send from gmail, etc. just: forward --> email)
    11-10-2013 10:59 AM

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