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    Ever came into a scenario,
    *Where you wherein urgent need of a contact detail of your friend or relative which you don't have ? One of your
    friend has the desired contact detail but busy or asleep and not reading your message or picking up phone!
    *You are running a public relationship office where you want a system to share contact details of different service departments in operation as per customer request ?
    *You are in healthcare industry and would like to host a emergency service system allowing patient to easily
    query desired doctor's contact detail or emergency service contacts!

    TakeMyContact application is an easy to use and anytime automatic contact sharing application. It provides
    following features

    *Allow sharing of contact(s) in VCF or VCARD format through SMS or email
    *Provides access control on who can request for contact details from the device
    *Allow configuring the access to control what level of contact detail that could be shared on request
    *Allow manual processing of pending requests which got failed due to network or any other configuration
    *Allow easy start and stop of the contact sharing service
    *Logging the details of what contacts are requested and shared

    Download Link:
    11-10-2013 12:33 PM

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