1. Andrew Sevostyanov's Avatar
    Hello, everybody!
    Some time ago we decided to start developing a game for Android OS. The idea was to take a popular game mechanics and add a different style to it. Not original at all... But still for a first experience in game development it was OK. So we created a runner game in space style. So we got a crazy idea to take a moncycle as a character and make it reach unbelievable speed. The game has no ads, and is free to play.

    Here is what we've reached so far:

    You can try the game, if you wish to Google Play

    Please, let us know, you opinion about the project and, of course, we'd be thankful for a piece of advice if you have any.
    11-10-2013 10:48 PM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Looks good and fun to me! Keep the great efforts.
    11-11-2013 05:21 AM

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