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    Hi Guys,

    Being part of an app development studio we wanted to keep our apps clean and with no ads.
    As one needs to make a living, we turned to our loyal users asking them to "buy us with a cup of coffee" as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation.
    Guess what... we got tons of coffee that helped us to expand our studio and kept us awake at nights.

    Thrilled by the idea of getting appreciation from our loyal and most engaged users we have developed a platform (Kudos-kit.com) that helps developers to translate their user's love into meaningful actions like social distribution gestures ("share" "tweet" "rate" and more) or money contribution ("buy me a beer", " spoil me with a cup of coffee") . The platform identifies the level of engagement of a user and decide when and what message to show him. The results are overall better experience for the users and significant increase in social distribution gestures and money contributions to developers.
    I would love to have your thoughts about it...
    11-12-2013 05:38 AM

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