1. picsanto's Avatar
    We just developed a free app that we hope to be a useful utility for all photography fans.
    Any comments or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    The application is called Picsanto Instant Photo Tag and you can find it at Picsanto | Google Play
    You can also find it at Picsanto | SlideME and Picsanto for Android | Opera App Store

    - Picsanto Wall: Quote something on Picsanto wall and share with your friends. There is always something clever to say!
    - Picsanto Gallery: Choose an image from your phone Gallery to tag & share with your friends. It is fun and easy.
    - Picsanto Camera: Take a picture, express your feelings with words on that picture and share your moment with your friends, whenever you want, wherever you want!
    - Picsanto Mirror: Take a quick look at yourself when in need, people see you as you see yourself through Picsanto mirror!

    [APP][2.2+][PHOTOGRAPHY] Picsanto Instant Photo Tag-picsanto_1.png [APP][2.2+][PHOTOGRAPHY] Picsanto Instant Photo Tag-picsanto_2.png [APP][2.2+][PHOTOGRAPHY] Picsanto Instant Photo Tag-picsanto_3.png
    11-13-2013 08:12 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome and good luck with your app.
    11-15-2013 11:50 PM

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