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    I installed it on my EVO yesterday, and it indeed seemed to be doing much better on the batter.

    Today, however, I'm back at work, and my battery performance seemed much worse.

    Even though Juice Defender says it's enabled, and its log shows it turning data on & off as expected, I still get email notification beeps, even minutes after it turn off the screen and I later confirm it has turned off data.

    1. Any ideas?
    2. Any other app which does the same thing as Juice Defender? (I really like the concept, and would like to eval another product in any event).

    09-07-2010 02:25 PM
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    Some more detail is in order: My EVO is running froyo. For the Juice Defender options, I disabled the traffic option (the thing that prevents it from shutting off data if listening to podcasts or streaming).

    It's behaving as if it thinks it's shutting off the data, but isn't.

    Just as an experiment, I manually turned off data (using the widget bar that came with my evo - the one with the brightness, gps, wifi, etc), and confirmed I do NOT get email notifications (as expected).

    09-07-2010 02:49 PM
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    I re-ran the setup with wifi enable, and again with wifi disabled.

    It doesn't seem to matter.

    The problem: if wifi is enabled, juice defender thinks it has disabled data, but it clearly has not.

    If wifi is off, then sure enough: no email notifications.

    The log shows the app is froyo aware, and says it was able to turn off & on data, but it's not working.


    I really want this to work with wifi on.

    09-07-2010 03:13 PM
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    OMG: I'm such a dope.


    I didn't realize the free version only controls 3G, not wifi.

    I got confused by the "WIFI with location" reference, assuming the free version did wifi without location. Dumb of me.

    I'm testing it now!

    09-07-2010 03:27 PM