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    Hi, Everyboby,

    I will introduce you the iOS 7 Control Center, it has iphone style, but can use in Android phone!!!

    Control Center is an iOS 7 Style and Full Android Capability Quick Setting Tool for your android phone.

    you can launch any tool/app in toggle area(on the top of the panel) or those in shortcut area(on the bottom of the panel) which you customized, playing music, adjust the screen brightness
    no mater you are playing game, playing video, read news/books, etc. anytime you want to to launch tool/application, you can expand Control Center in short
    Control Center could be launched anywhere, even in lockscreen
    Control Center support customization of the panel, including:
    --- You can select which to show in panel while others hided
    --- You can select if display the handler or not, and, the display icon also has several candidates
    --- You can select where to display the handler, that is, where to expand the panel. EVENLY, if you select auto, the handler will be located where you just hide it.

    Main feature:
    - iPhone iOS 7 UI Style
    - Same look and touch feeling with iPhone
    - Do Not Disturb
    - Quickly access to Miss Call and Miss SMS
    - Wifi on/off
    - Rotation on/off
    - Volume up/down
    - Data connection(2G/3G/4G) on/off
    - Volume silent
    - Bluetooth and flashlight on/off
    - Airplane Mode, Brightness, Vibration function
    - Quickly open Clock
    - Quickly open Calculator
    - Quickly launch Camera
    - GPS and Data sync On/Off
    - Long press toggle button to open the setting screen
    - Screen timeout in toggle button
    - Display on/off in lock screen
    - More customize shortcut icon
    - One click to Free Memory
    - Support above function in lock screen
    - Support android tablet
    - Multiple theme
    - iOS7 Control Center, iPhone Control Center
    - Quick Toggle
    - Long press the arrow indicator able to hide in status bar
    - Support Samsung Galaxy S4(I9500), HTC One, Nexus 4, Nexus 7,Android 4.3, Android 4.4, Kikcat etc

    Tag: Control Center,Music Playback Control, Toggle, Switch

    Q.How to hide the control center arrow indicator during inputmethod?
    A: Pls long press the arrow indicator to hide it in status bar

    Q:How to adjust the arrow indicator position and size?
    A:Pls go to control center setting screen to select "Configure Touchable Area".

    Q:How to hide the ads/recommended apk after purchasing?
    A:Pls turn off 'Start Service' in Control Center settings and then turn on it.

    Q:How to share the Control Center Pro version between android phone and tablet?
    A: Pls use same google account between phone and tablet. It will only charge once.

    Q:How to hide the Control Center during lock screen?
    A: Pls go to Control Center setting -> Configure Touchable Area -> Lock Screen Display to enable on/off.

    Q: How to customize the shortcut?
    A: Pls long press the shortcut to select your favorite shortcut.

    Q:How to purchase the pro version?
    A:Pls select 'Upgrade to pro version' in Control Center settings screen

    Q:How to quickly disappear the Control Center screen?
    A:Pls slide down the Control Center screen or click the arrow button.

    If you meet any issue, pls don't just rate one star. We hope your email the issue to us, we will definitely feedback and resolve your issue asap.
    We are welcome volunteer to help us for different language translation, if you have time pls contact with us.

    Let's go to enjoy it!

    Will provide more feature later! Thanks!


    Note: Free version contains the advertisement block. To avoid Ads and support us, please buy Full version of Control Center.

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

    11-17-2013 01:54 AM
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    Version 2.7:

    1. Integrate iToucher Function;
    11-17-2013 02:36 AM

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